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[Verse 1: BROLY500!]
We ain't gonna have no stale mate in a cold war
Choppa with the blade and it's gonna rip him apart
Wa-way I be drivin' you would think a n*gga a nascar
Choppa with the band and I oughta touchin' world war
Ha-had a salsa on my di*k
b*tch, ain't no world tour
You talk about my friends
A b*tch, I'mma have to hurt
You gon die today
I'm a knock on a door
I'mma have to kill you
You a nail through some wood
50 cal through yo hood
Staffey out in the mud
In the shadows lurkin' hard
b*tch I'm peekin' while indoor off the can I see a star
On the run with a goth, b*tch fast ya
Uh, wuh, huh, huh, huh

[Verse 2: Heartbreak Wulf]
You n*ggas feel off, yuh
My n*ggas go off, aye
She say "Hurry, turn it on", yuh
Why they hate on me
I wish I really on
I wish I really wrong
I got my jewerly on
And I finna take off
(My n*ggas finna take off)

[Outro: ?]
You returned!

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