Lost what I had and I can't get it back
'Cause I'm stuck in a mind that just always attacks
Every hope that I have, every thought that ain't bad
It just turns it around till my heart turns to black
So I feel like a body with no life inside
My favorite hobby is hoping to die
This hate inside me is waiting to fly
So I'll sit back and wait for the day that you lie
My only purpose is wondering why
Everyone that is happy could never be I
You wanna save me but don't even try
'Cause I'll just f**k it up I'm not worth any time
Drag me to Hell, that's where I belong
You prolly can't tell, I'm not really strong
I just do not give a f**k about life
I can't see any light I must be f**king blind

f**k feelin' love that sh*t too hard to find
Lately my life ain't been feelin' like mine
I'm always upset but it's honestly fine
I'm just using excuses to go and get high
I like having reasons to not even care
I hate that I'm breathing so smoke is my air
Pumping my lungs full of poison
It's bad and I know it, the rush that it gives, I enjoy it
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