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"​self care."

Raspo Beats

I can't love you, I'ma have to leave you in the past
I want love but you can't do that
From the start I knew it was bad
But I looked right past, I lost time that I can't get back
I can't do that again, it hurt too much
And I'm not strong enough to hold anything else back
If I get pushed again I really might snap

Make songs so I don't have to talk
Pain's my drive but I want it to stop
I'm not sure if that's all true
'Cause without it then what would I do?
Been in the rain so long, I don't like it inside
I wanna live just as much as I've died
Gave love a shot and I hate that I tried
I'm ignoring my heart, I'ma focus on pride

From selfless to selfish, success I am hellbent
Found my soul last year, 2020 I'll sell it
Money is all that I want 'cause I lost what I need
I'm replacing my sadness with greed
I couldn't care if you agree 'cause
When I was still there you didn't
"I'll be waiting right here" you told to me
Said that you wouldn't leave then did it

I'm gonna shine so bright
I'ma make sure that I make you miss this
My mind will never be right
The code in my DNA spells out MISFIT
f*ck everybody, I'm dying alone
Don't tell me "I love you" if you really don't
My heart like my name it's location unknxwn
Can't wait till the day that I pack up and go

I won't give what I'm not getting
This is real I'm not pretending
I give in, my soul's not healing
Skin so thick you'll never peel me

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