Querida. lyrics


Feel like I'm in love again
Baby hold me close again
I don't wanna drift away
I don't wanna leave so can you stay?

Abused emotionally
You don't seem broken to me
I won't do you like your last
Walk with me now, don't think about the past

I'll keep warm, I'll hold you in my arms
It's okay if you're torn because I am
Like a rose and thorns you don't mean any harm
You're just protecting the love that you still have

I want you to know that I get it
It's fine if you're not, there's no need to pretend it
I want it all, don't hold any back
It's fine if you fall, cause I got yo back

I'ma do it right this time
I wanna know you, show me what's inside
I'll learn to love you in all of the kinds
I've waited for you before you were mine

I still regret what I did in december
I crossed the line when I wished I could kiss her
It wasn't worth it but I knew that
I was just hurting so f**king bad
I'm so sorry, I broke trust
No one could stop me, made my mind up
I broke glass I shouldn't of touched
I trashed all that I had built up

Became what I hated for ages
I wasn't me, I was part of the taken
But I forgive the one who hurt me
I'll never give anyone that power over me

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