Mal heart. lyrics


"Where'd you go?" I'm on the road
I'm headed to a place unknown
To most cause I have been before
It's where I left my f**king soul

Threw it to the wolf so I could be part of the pack
But I ain't notice what he took and now I need to get it back
He said
"Oh no, that's not how this go, you ain't the first to make the choice and hate what it would unfold, you can't take back what's in my hand. I've done this time and time again, now leave and live the life you chose cause you don't know when it will end"

What did I do?
What did I lose?
I'll never know
Cause I was a fool
Sold the only thing worth everything but not worth what you get
Oh I'm stuck in pain, I'm sad to say this wasn't worth the debt
Be careful what you send and be more careful of the sh*t you let in

I see the place I'm headed
I see the face of the man I met with
Only the grave of the land I'm left with
I got a snare on my hand, I set this

Trap for myself and I can't get out
My skin turning pale, I need to get out
Up out my head, up out my bed
I regret some things that I said

But I'll never regret the things I said to you
Like that I love you, nothing above you
I'll never feel the sh*t I felt from no one but you
But it's still f**k you, wait f**k that cause he f**ked you
I f**king trusted you but you're untrustable

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