Toxin. lyrics


Hatred is stated
My mind state sedated
This life is a Matrix, don't know if I'll make it
I see the truth, now all I see is black
Wish I didn't come here cause I can't go back
I can't love you, too many emotions I lack
Bottled up, I'm an reckless, emotional shack
They won't care till I'm dead and I know that's a fact
Sad? Find a beat, write some words. That's a rap

Why do my feelings not f**king exist?
Except for the few that make me break my fist
Breaking my door that I'm too poor to fix
Being the reason my mother is p*ssed
Not really caring about any school
I'm out all the time looking like a damn fool
I know where I'm wrong but
I'm too f**king sick to care about all the effects of this sh*t

I'm what I hate, I am my toxin
Keep taking serve that won't help out my coffin
Only will help to put me in a coffin
But wait, I'm too broke
I might as well burn
I'm going to hell anyways what I've learned
God doesn't love me and he never did
I stopped tryna meet when he did what he did
Took away something from me that meant a whole different life
Complete opposite, a whole nother story that wasn't so sh*t

I sound like I'm crying and I can't control it
Cause all of my music is my true emotion
When I say I wanna be dead, I do
When I set a gun against my head, it was true
But I didn't pull it, I guess I'm a fraud

I'm sorry for all of the pain that I've caused
I'm sorry I'm sad and I'm sorry I'm lost
I'm sorry my words always come with a cost
I'm sorry for being the way that I am
Spending my last couple of dollars on grams
When I wake up it just starts all again

I put myself in this maze that I'm in

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