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Meek Mill

"Meek Mill Freestyles on Flex (2018) | Freestyle #118"

[Verse 1]
Walk up into Barney's and I get what I want
I really hang with n*ggas richer than Trump, for real
And the flow so cold it'll give you the mumps
You n*ggas pus*y like that time of the month, for real
Rose gold everything, it feel like the Rose Bowl
n*ggas, they ain't f*ckin' with me, they feel like my old hoes
Got 'em in they feelings 'cause they b*tches in a chokehold
I'm like five minutes away from gettin' a boatload
And light my whole city up, Porsche, it go giddy-up
Real n*gga, any up, them hoes know I got plenty up
Like Brooklyn, we gon' ante up, used to be a penny up
But now a n*gga Fendi'd up, Saint Laurent, Givenchy'd up
The feds just grabbed my young n*gga, I know he won't give me up
I look like a drug dealer, I can't put the semi up
My young b*tch, she super bad, she love me just like India
My old ops, they super mad, we left them pouring Henny up
'Cause they homies got wacked, we bought Maybachs
Came through they strip, no tint, laid back
n*ggas ain't no threats, no cap, they rats
And when they homies got checked, they ain't never get back
f*ck 'em, yeah

[Verse 2]
Let them n*ggas smoke yo' cousin, you ain't ride yet
RIP on Instagram and you ain't slide yet
They on they corner everyday, sh*t, they ain't hide yet
I don't wanna hear that gangsta sh*t if they ain't died yet
Huh, we go to war for that fettuccine
Young n*ggas turnin' Buicks into Lamborghinis
I took b*tches from the projects to Santorini
Got 350 on me now but I ain't wearin' Yeezys
Milli on my wrist, milli on my b*tch
20 milli in the bank, really on some sh*t
I give a f*ck what n*ggas think, they ain't on this tip
I'm on a whole 'nother wave how I'm doin' this sh*t
Mafia, everything Mafia
Salmon over lobster, we don't even eat tilapia
I done got bougie, more confident and c*ckier
Since I got some money, hoes suck that di*k sloppier
f*ckin' on a bad b*tch with a bad b*tch on top of her
My young chick said she want a threesome, I got proud of her
She gon' f*ck me good and that chick she with gon' follow her
I used to [?] that lil chick but I got tired of her
How you turn that Grand Prix to a Lambo?
How you turn that mansion to a bando?
I be callin' shots like I'm commando
Get you wet, runnin' round like you was Rambo
n*gga this a new level, new devil
Patek look like it got two bezels, who let you
Run these streets thinkin' you special?
They gon' put a halo on you when them goons catch you
I promise, n*gga, and they gon' vomit
Mentally on this
Kickin' this like it's a-

[Verse 3]
n*gga you can't kill your way to the Clearport
And real n*gga credit don't work at the bank
Ain't 'bout no money? What the f*ck is you here for?
'Cause bad b*tches only respect Benny Frank, uh
I never seen a n*gga trap and get a hundred mill
And if he did get it, he ain't got a hundred still
He in the chow line cuttin' back for the double meal
They gave him wild top, went to trial, he said, "f*ck a deal"
I want a brand new Bugatti, n*gga, f*ck a pill
f*ck a Percocet, I'm tryin' pay my mother bills
Leave my son a will, so my son could chill
Take him off the block so the cops don't hunt us still
Uh, I never seen a goon with 20 bodies
Get a new Ferrari and cut the roof up off him
If what I'm spittin' hurt yo' feelings, I am truly sorry
So what I like this, I can only feed you
They tried to bury us, ain't know that we was seeds
We had to trap, ain't get no toys on Christmas Eve
Played that corner made you rich, what we believe
Kill each other, that self hate sh*t a disease, uh
Target on yo' back, target on yo' back
Feds swingin' red beams, target on yo' hat
Just a n*gga with a dream, target in the trap
Target on yo' back, target on yo' back
Cappin' on the Gram won't make you successful
And lookin' in them mirrors broke, it could get stressful
And I ain't tryin' to play you 'cause I know you special
But all them Bow Wow challenges, hope they don't catch you
All yo' real homies know you fraud and they let you
Once them bad b*tches get a whiff, they won't catch you
Had a lot of fights, down n*gga, hustle
'Cause ain't no feelin' when you get it from the muscle
n*ggas is trippin' actin' like it ain't a struggle
When they know you got it out the mud and make 'em love you
Never let these n*ggas trap yo' mind in a bubble
The minute you get locked up, n*gga gon' say, "f*ck you"
Then you gon' be super sick, you gon' wanna rumble
Locked up on some stupid sh*t [?] haunt you
You gon' need a lawyer too, you too loud jeezy-

[Verse 4]
Meek Milly, I'm on Flex
Cop, cook and collect
Eating breakfast on a jet
Money, power and respect
n*gga we the sh*t
New sh*t drop, talkin' that Championship

[Verse 5]
n*ggas dyin' in my hood like it's normal
And sellin' crack won't get you rich, hate to alarm you
I spit facts 'cause I don't wanna misinform you
My job is done, just don't say that I ain't warn you
It ain't no sunshine out the window, we get a rush
From rockin' diamonds in a Benzo, movin' like Lorenzo
For them dead presidents, it was evident we would sin though
Get locked behind a wall, you irrelevant, where your friends go?
Pro'ly at yo' b*tch do', she hungry as a hippo
'Cause she gon' f*ck yo' dog for some Louis, Gucci or Kenzo
So when you in the cell, reminiscin' how you was lit though
And ballin' with some n*ggas that wouldn't send you a pic though?
It was loyalty 'til it came to them lawyer fees
And indictments come with football numbers for quarter keys
And the feds seize all of the cribs and auto Vs
And appointed lawyers ain't fightin' for you, they talkin' pleas
Ain't nowhere to turn when that money burn
Was a Balenciaga bandit when you got yo' turn
I see them other guys mistakes and I watch and learn
Dudes that they ride for? Not concerned
For the love of drug money, it was lit
My OG told me that'll get you rich
Handcuffs shine like diamonds on the wrists
Flood the Rollie for this time that we gon' get, yeah
Kings killin' kings, we the KKK
Load up, spray the corner, let that AK spray
Young n*ggas dyin' in my hood every day
Lock us in the chains, they say we the new slaves
But this ain't a game of ball, we lettin' semis off
n*ggas that I went to school with wanna pick me off
I told my dog I'm goin' trap to rap, he said you goin' soft
I just made like 30 mil and the feds just picked him off
They gave him 30 years, I swear I wish he seen the sh*t I saw
He callin' while I'm on a jet, thinkin' that I missed his calls
On purpose, ain't nobody perfect
And yeah I used to trap too, I knew it wasn't worth it
But I ain't tryin' to judge you, I'm just sayin' make a purchase
Buy a house before you buy a watch and these b*tches purses
None of them hoes won't take the time to write in cursive
Send you a letter and spray that paper with some perfume
I knew a n*gga that got a Bentley, but they murked him
Them V12's get turned to hearses
Uh, graveyards turn to bedrooms
And ain't no space up in that casket, ain't no legroom
Uh, ain't no love in this sh*t for real
Everybody goin' to jail or they gettin' killed
Get a life sentence, now you takin' Benadryl
From Phillippe Chow to chow lines just to get your meals

[Verse 6]
Scary n*gga
Bloody, bloody, bloody, bloody mary n*gga
'Bout to let two famous b*tches share me n*gga
When it come to that DC, I'm like Wayne Perry n*gga

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