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Meek Mill

"Unnamed DVD Freestyle"

[Verse: Meek Mill]
Listen, I'm the definition of a monster
Sitting like a mobster
Revolver on my lap, barrel full of Black Talons
I lick it at your squadron
Roll up like ‘hold up’, start spitting while I'm driving
Peel off, then roll up
You n***as better slow up, before you bang the f**k out
I aim, let it flame, blow your brains all the f**k out
All over your shirt, since a youngin' I was buck wild
All up in the dirt, ma screaming "Get the f**k out!"
North where I was raised at, South Philly I plays that
Whatever I'm around, I hold it down like a wave cap
Yeah my n***as stay strapped, blaze and I'ma blaze back
All over that yolk and get your motherf**kin' egg cracked
Northside of Bird Streeter, Southside of Eight Baller
Posted by the green gate, cops come we scrape on 'em
n***as dropping tapes on ‘em, tryna get us locked down
Visit to the district, that’s enough to get you chopped down
Nine Parabellum, f**k around and hit a n***a momma cerebellum they ain’t riding man they telling
I be sliding with a seven, all titanium
Big boy style, jump around when I’m flaming ‘em
Yeah I play my role, getting hoes like I’m taming ‘em
Same one you kiss the same one that give me cranium
Every time I touch a gun, all I hear is Damien
[?] pipe me up and rock it baby like I’m Dame’in’ ‘em
I bounce on the track like I bounce on the bike
So nice wit’ it I ain’t even writing it
[?] on the low, blowing dro like [?]
645 on my side right in it
Yeah, they got Omelly all day, I’m in the house stressing out
Why I’m running all around, in the town acting out
Beef come we clap it out
All the real sh*t my n***as do, we don’t rap about
‘Cause n***as’ll rat you out, as soon as they get the word
I know n***as saying they homies as soon as they get a bird
n***as’ll get you served, like four-and-a-half
I’m the n***a with .32, I’ll put four in yo’ ass
I’m the nicest n***a out, out
Ain't nobody seeing me, the whole hood agree with me, I'm wiping n***as out
They like what I'm about
sh*t every time I'm killing it, the whole hood feeling it, I got the word of mouth
Right now I'm on the south
Dealing with them killer n***as, sheisty and gorilla n***as, f**k it though we out
He talking what he ’bout
n***a making threats, it's a bet, send my bloodhounds barking at his house
Like soon as he come out, give me what you got
And make sure you kill him ‘cause I want him in a box
Yeah the sons of Philadelphia, where drugs the only wealth for ya’
Where guns’ll take ya’ health for ya’, they won’t even send help for ya’
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