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Indigo la End

"Indigo la End - 冬夜のマジック (Winter Night Magic)"

Until winter night's magic melts
I want to rob you

Stop motion during a young age
It was estimated
Spitz Spitz
I want to pamper you with a sharp mouth
Time and time talking about each other
I called love to be zero as love
Are you with me up to 100?

I think on your own selfish measure anymore
I do not know the balance
It will not end with a bit or softly
I am confident

To get used to over cold weather
I fell in love with each other
I will not do anything
I only have a feeling of being sad at all
But until spring comes

Inside taking a turn
Winter witches only hour
I follow you a few steps with a thigh
Contrast of heart pattern
It does not change but it does not change
90's signaling bell rang
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