Ayesha Erotica

"Heidi Montag"

Heidi Montag
Heidi Montag
Heidi Montag

[Verse 1]
On MTV, I graced your TV screen
And, baby, endlessly, they would talk about me, about me
Now I love Jesus, but I also love my car, my car
It ain't that easy, but I took my character this far, it’s so hard

Used to say I'm superficial, but I know I'm really not
All the drama and the rumors, baby don’t think I forgot

I'm every teenage fantasy
I'm a barbie dream in reality
I'm everything, baby, can't you see?
It's so rad being Heidi Montag
(Heidi Montag)
Being Heidi Montag (Heidi Montag)
(Heidi Montag)
(Heidi Montag)

[Verse 2]
If you think I'm crazy, wait until you meet my husband
In a second, you'll get cut off, it’s so easy to hit unfriend, unfriend
Now, I’m a sweetheart, unless your name is Lauren Conrad (Ha, ha, ha, remember that, baby?)
Never went away, ay, baby I'm still Heidi Montag, Heidi Montag, a-a-a
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