Ayesha Erotica

"Party b*tch"

[Verse 1]
I wouldn't touch your busty rhymes with the holes in my nose
I couldn’t see you dusty try-hards through the holes in your clothes
Coked up every night, bloody noses and fights
My pu**y's so f**king sore from the d**k after shows
I shop exclusively so I never show up in your sh*t
And baby, when I say sh*t, I mean f**king sh*t
While all you lame f**king stylist b*t*hes keep up with the times
I'm in London f**ked up, tryin’ keep up with the lines

I'm a music making, drug taking, Gucci rocking party b*t*h
Socialite, heiress, model, actress, singer party b*t*h
sl*t, skank, smoking crank, fashion loving party b*t*h
c*ck sucking, fist f**king, tight pu**y party b*t*h!

[Verse 2]
I rock like Madonna at your favorite events
I'm f**king all of your friends, you're f**king up all the trends
Okay, you moved to New York, and now you think that you're art
All your fans and your friends, we don't know who you are
B-B-But Ayesha is the problem solver, glamor's what I sell
I'm a walking f**king sin, on my way to f**king Hell
You ain’t no shop, rock god
You ain’t no post-god mod
I'm smoking crack in the back of your step-dad’s hot rod!
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