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Ayesha Erotica

"Tina Hick Diss Track"

[Verse 1 - Ayesha Erotica]
I was movin' and groovin'
With  McKenna at Sears
Then  Tina pulled up, and stabbed us in our burked rears
Shaggable arson

Oh, my Tina, what have you done?
You  can't just go and stab everyone
sh*t  on the floor, when will you start?
Toothless Tina, I might call the cops

[Hook - Toothless Tina]
What  you say here, and I don't like meat
Yes, I'm a vegan and I'm sweet
Did you hear me say that? (Yes I'm a vegan)
Did ya-did ya-did ya hear me say that? (And I'm sweet)

(Inaudible  noises)

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