Ayesha Erotica


I know you're looking through my window
You wanna grab me and pin me against the wall
Even though I've never had it
You're gonna tie me down and make me take it all

Chained up to the bed with baby pink cuffs
Baby if you wanna get it then you better hit it rough
If I'm not crying then I haven't had enough
Slap me till I'm red baby know I'm super tough

Lemme be your pet, lemme satisfy your brain
I wanna push every button that you hate
Moaning crying out loud, paris and nicole in your ear
Baby leave marks lemme call out your name

Lemme be your pet, steal control again
Put me on a leash and tie me up with chains
[High Pitched Noises}

Hi, Nadeshiiiko, this is Ayesha, I'm here to tell you that your music better watch its back, and if you think your a good singer... wait for court, bye!
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