Naeto C
Share My Blessings
Verse 1 (Naeto C)
All white kaftan like the stripe on a tom tom
See how we got famous where we come from
Walahi it’s from teaspoons to lump sums
What a conundrum!
All I did was make lines like when ABC bus comes
Now they saying tread softly with caution
You attract the wrong people when they know about your fortune
I’m worried maybe that’ll be my portion
I don’t need a new cut to feel level headed
My experience has justified where I’m headed
So when they talk about the things that I do wrong
I just pat them on the back like a new born
Cos as the rumor’s starts to spread like a bed sheet
I’m calculating money on excel spread sheets
I’m too blessed to be stressed
So I’m giving out some love cos I’m getting it in excess
Now that you should respect

Hook 1 (2x) (Asa)
It’s moving over me
It’s taking over me
And I’m feeling my way up now

Hook (2x) (Naeto C)
When heaven puts a hand on me
Come and share my blessings
Verse 2 (Naeto C)
1st day of the year my best friend died in a car crash
Couple of months before that, I survived in a car crash
Now that’s the irony of life
She was good enough to be a wife
I only cry once a year but that year, I cried thrice
So dear friend, let me give you an advice
Keep your loved ones close cos they won’t live twice
I should have told her how I felt but I couldn’t be precise
I didn’t reply her emails even though she broke down her feelings in detail
I was busy dealing with all sorts of female
Now it’s hard for me to even open up my gmail
I wish she had the same luck as me but that’s what i couldn’t give unluckily
And so I pray that my blessings extend to the rest of my family and friends

Hook 1 (2x)

Hook 2 (2x)

Verse 3 (Asa)
Gbogbo ohun tan fe, iyen lan fe f’omode ati awon agba
Eh Iya mi Ireti mi Koni dofo Koni daru Lai
I’m moving on
This little light of mine I’m gonna let it shine
(let it shine)
Hook 1 (2x)

Hook 2 (2x)