Kool A.D.

"Pac Eidolon Kaleidoscope"

Everything is fine in here
Everything is fine in here

The perpetual thirty three sun cycle heavenly
Trips through the zodiac
Peace Allah, Jesus and Muhammed
Bless you with the codex
Protect your necks, bro
Collect your check, pass go
[?] Baltic
Balsamic vinegar
Fries so salt chips
See me in Brighton with the chaos
Pop Eidolon kaleidoscope
Peace Allah, Oprah, chakras, Maya Angelou
Wineries, IPAs, over by the water like Popeye
Anchor steam, Dos Equis
Pilsners, li'l Christmas ales
I dunno I'm f**kin' freestylin' sorta
I'm writin' light in the sand with my hand
Raps the straws of it
Everything is everything
Language is a sacred symbolism
Ill geometry
Constant creation in flux
Truth exclamatory, peace Allah
College basketball, go huskers
True never quit
Psychedelic with it
Ya'll ain't never seen real pain or real money
Ain't no f**kin' thing is pain
Ain't no thing is money
Everything is everything
I don't give a f**k about how you f**kin' feel about me
Bottles in the club or whatever
Who the f**k cares?
Yea, I'm a fool, trust I'm aware
Lampin' see me in the f**kin' phantom
Bantam-weight champion
Labor is ceaseless
Seven power relentless
Siete Potencias Africanas
African inventions
Not to mention
f**k the overseers plus they henchmen
In every dimension
Radical justice is a hard line
Free Palestine, f**k apartheid
Peace Arpaia Carmine
Peace is the truest prosperity
Exercise your clarity
Cut through the fake pageantry of fear and anger
Love is the realest f**kin' arrangement
Feel these arrangements like a flower bouquet in a hotel lobby
Gettin' big money is a hobby
And that's all it ought to be
Unfortunately existence is consequence
Minimize your anger in a world that begs tenderness
Words are illusory
Trust your born notions of good
Apply harmony
Carve another notch into your mind's [?] man
Time is a game and an apology
Everything accomplished temporary
Avert your eyes from the sun's cold perjury
Burn the sins devilish
Presumption from your consciousness
Breathe and intensify

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