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Kool A.D.

"Books, Hooks"

Kool A.D. a hundred dollar freestyle
Best rapper in the world
I do my thing, I'm a writer

I'm a writer of books
I'm a writer of hooks
I'm in the woods
I feel pretty good
I feel almost like another person
Almost exactly like another person
This is an amazing machine I'm inside of
What are these beautiful sounds and noises that the ears detected that I am a hearing?
Am I seeing these noises or are the noises a beautiful thing
Inside of me?
This is how you crack the safe of your own consciousness
My raps are totally bad and also incredibly beautifully good and well-made and well-crafted
I blast it, and will continue to do so
I'm in the venue, so to speak, on the menu sometimes, I think
Now, I'm being dramatic
These are the ravings of an addict in the attic
Or cellar in the celery
Allow breathe the heathen, me, never
Or, I dunno, maybe
What do I even know about that
And what do you know about that?
Ay, uh, what about the [?]
If it were to behave me and it behooved you
I move to table the discussion
I feel like my curl too loose
And that hard heart's above my light-skinned pay grade
Feel me? Young player in the game, that's me, Kool A.D.,
Never lame, always famously sharply beautiful
Understood as the number one rappin' MC
My truth the super duper maybe and evidentially and very well
Evidentially, my dear Watson
It's as well essentially understood that your boy
Super hustler what's good, wow, Kool A.D

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