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"Imma drop this tape soon I guess"

[Verse 1]
My n*ggas did lean, don't listen
Off a percy', these n*ggas be trippin'
Had a vision, that money my mission
Told the b*tch to get out of my mentions
Got a chick and she good in the kitchen
With the wrist and the wrist I'm forgivin'
I'm a dog, b*tch n*gga I'm vicious
Now you Saudi, killing these n*ggas
Now you Saudi, I have no feelings
Now you Saudi, b*tch, I'm the villain
I'm not sorry, kill for a living
I wanted a 'Rari for stealin'
I know I see God in the mirror
Cop Supreme, I'm a star, that's a giving
I smoke some weed then I'm f*ckin' yo' miss'
Sold the beam, now I'm most of you n*ggas
There's some thing that I know i regret
Hold the beam and it run for your neck
I don't care , all you n*ggas forget
He feline and I am a Vet'
God, oh my God!
Whatch'u want?
Smoke a blunt
Eat her cub
Bite the dust
Stupid f*ck
Run it up

[Verse 2]

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