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Yung Nugget

"Welcome Friends"

The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues
Line up at the start

b*tch suck my di*k while I’m eating some waffles
I’m drinking Hennessy, right out the bottle
I feel like Jesus, this tape is my gospel
They f*cking with me cause my music is awful
Don't feel worried, no, I’m never stressed
I met her one time, now I swear she obsessed
Won’t leave me alone, she keep asking for sex
But all I'm gonna do is show love and respect
Why yo girl keep texting me?
Cut her off like vasectomy
I’m blowing up too fast, just take a look at my trajectory
I’m rapping so majestically
I think I got the recipe
When I hop on the beat, you know I kill it, may it rest in peace
All that I’m making is hits
Think I’m constipated, I don't give a sh*t
They riding my wave like a ship
When I’m at the IHOP I don’t leave no tip
Yo girl need some Listerine
This sh*t is a mystery
Hop on my computer, then look at some hooters
I don’t clear my history
Now I’m off an Adderall cause I got ADHD
But I don’t no real drugs, that sh*t's intimidating
These rappers all be faking
No, there ain't no debating
I’m 'bout to drop this tape because I know that they been waiting
Look at my wrist, you see diamonds
Sike, I’m just kidding, I’m lying
I do this sh*t without trying
You tryna flex like your girl looks bad, she looking like Conan O'Brien
I’m lit like a candlestick
Your girl cannot handle it
Pull up to the Walgreen
b*tches all on me
They like my flannel, b*tch
Pull up to the function in a fake Gucci belt
I ain't really got no wealth
I be munching on some kelp
I produce my own beats, mix and master by myself
Yeah, I did this on my own, I ain't even need no help

La, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la la, la la

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