Organized Konfusion
[Verse 1: Pharoahe Monche]
Recognize me n***a, look into my eyes
See raw visualizations of hate reincarnated
In it's most unadulturated form I breathe evil incarnate
Solely for the purpose to mislead, what was once promising seeds
Are now destroyed and replaced with mischievious weeds for greed
The purpose, inseminate the bitches
Eliminate top rappers, throw their remains insides of ditches
N***a political snitches, Abe me which is
The very reason I'm able to strike so vicious
Take these keys, that for years were not found
Allowing all Simians to be freed thats locked down
It returns way back to the block
Only to cop more smack rock from cops that act
Not in a manner for you to prosper
You are obsolete unless
You can handle the ball during a full-court press
When the weak emotion of love fails to bring hope
Kneel to your master n***a, invoke the strongest emotion
Known to mankind, hate!
Awww, you are sadly mistaken if you think my Aryan race
Can be taken out by the likes of you Apes, Kikes
Conservative n***a loving Gooks, Spooks, and Dykes
My Spikes, bald headed white laces
Braces the fact that I'm prepared for vicious acts of war
What we have hear is a situation where our government
Is allowing these aliens to take over the country
We can't allow this to happen! Turn your bibles to Psalms 34:21
"Evil shall slay the wicked, and they that hate the righteous
Shall be desolate." You there!
Young man in the back with your hand up

[Prince Poetry]
Who me?


[Prince Poetry]
A fucking taxpayer who salutes to a Confederate flag
My chain and thoughts is on the rag
Aryan ways learned from my grand-dad
I'm on my toes around these monkeys and spics
I thank God that I'm white, pure and don't mix
We need to snatch up these n***as and fags, reissue slave tags
Regain job positions, remain in control of opposition
Placed here to be the scum of the earth, serving us hand and foot
I'll rape 'em and slave 'and trade 'em from birth
Never to overlook the main crook who disperse shook
Versions of the bible, Sabotaging shit since Christophers arrival
Making them Indian pay for survival
Now life for Ricans and Coons is homicidal
We Neo-Nazis seek nothing but world domination
God's plan is for us to seek and destroy man's false creation
It's exerted in the good book of Revelations
Set up to destroy spades and Jews from hidden stations
So my offspring's can end all this confusion for good
No more smooching off of welfare for jiggaboos in the so-called hood
Sickle cells decreasing your death rate, you black bitch
But I like the way you suck my wood
Germ grenades now in the form of A.I.D.S. were made to wipe you out
But now them queers got that shit semi-reversed running about
I'm off to college with a knapsack of sacrilegious artifacts
Notes from the Grand Dragon, swastika, three grams, two gats with HATE!