Organized Konfusion
They Don’t Want It!
[Prince Poetry]
Uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh
Yeah yeah yo, yo yo Duke, yo Son, check it
Y'all been, I been peepin a lot of people's steelos lately yknahmsayin?
(Me too, no doubt, no doubt)
And and and, thank, thank God, thank GOD
That to that point we here now (right) andyknahmsayin?
It it's because of the people in the streets
And the people writin in magazines, and the people showin us love (yes)
That's the reason why we here now, bout to, yknahmsayin
Do our thing again (one more time)
But yo there's a lot of individuals that be fakin moves and fakin jax
Like we can't get a little love, yknahmsayin, when we spread love
(right right right right) Yknahmsayin?
But I got yo, on the straight up, I got a message for them n***as
(What's that?) They can kiss my fuckin ass! (hahaha)
Cause on the strength, I really fuckin feel they don't want it, yo

[Organized Konfusion - 2X]
They don't want it! They don't want it!
Them bitch-ass n***as, they don't want it!
Time and time again they rhyme about the same ol' shit
And when it comes to battlin they don't want it!

[Prince Poetry]
They don't want it! (word)
Straight up, that's how the fuck I feel
They be frontin and shit like they can't give a n***a dap
(fuck them man) give a n***a love
Fuck that I hold my motherfuckin ground, I don't give a fuck
I ain't gon' even say where the fuck I'm from
This is where I'm at..