Organized Konfusion
Prisoners of War
[Verse 1: Pharoahe Monch]
I stand here before the forces of evil with a style
The poetically God-gifted child
Bringin' forth the story of a lyrical soldier
Blessed to manifest in the eyes of the beholder
Words of wisdom never abuse the lines
They increase, as I release a phrase like a UZI 9
From the larynx
Shot in repetition, words never heard before
But still the rendition of rap will enable me to attack
From dawn to dusk for liberation
Driven I will never give in to interrogation
The rank, given to me, the Pharoahe
'Cause every blow flows like a crossbow
Equipped to pierce your soul with a poison-tip arrow
Any man wearing a blindfold can be misled
But wise are the ones with the eyes in the backs of the head
Here's the key to unlock the door
Imagine a poet without poetical flaw
Rhymes are for sure as an attack
'Cause they adapt to combat for the prisoners of war

[Verse 2: Prince Poetry]
I drop, smash and cause a damage equivalent to a hydrogen bomb
Raidin' villages like a poetical soldier in Vietnam
Poetry releasin' deadly gasses
Bodies deteriorating as they stalk past the fatal acids
As a rebel of rap, I stop
Load the Luger as I maneuver with precaution
As I verbally counterattack
Striking like a mad sniper 'cause I'm the type of hyperactive viper
To wipe away the enemy with no remedy
'Cause I'm the epitome, so don't try to get rid of me
You little itty-bitty twenty-five automatic, you're killin' me
'Cause I'm a Glock 9 that will rock your mind, distortin' it
Shorten your brainwaves
As the rhyme intertwine with the sign of the times
Don't sleep 'cause I creep attackin' from the side that is blind
Therefore, I gotta be hard to the core
And I walk as a prisoner of war
[Verse 3: Pharoahe Monch]
Wake up to the mathematics of an erratic rap
Rejuvenator of rhyme, that sort of come automatic
Poetical medical medicine for the cerebellum
I divert 'em and flirt 'em, insert 'em then I repel 'em
A breakdown, poetical shakedown
Fifty-two pick-up a stick-up so get on the floor face-down
The ammo to keep the people steppin'
Breakin' open the vault because I'm like a verbal assault weapon
I'm mathematical, acrobatical
Attack the wack, take rap to the maximum
You're strung out, you're hung out when you heard the style that I brung out of thin air
Must come out my mouth where I stick my tongue out in the atmosphere
Take a good look at what's happening here
On the microphone, I'm rappin'
Pickin' 'em, stickin' 'em up
Breakin' 'em, shakin' 'em up and bashin'
The lyric dictator, the aviator of antonym
All beware to prepare for the guillotine
Rhymes go express, expert, extreme
Be up to par with wisdom and intellect
Detaching one's head directly from one's neck
Still I've been illing and drilling your brain
Like a villain I came in the darkness to spark the literature for sure
When I rhyme for the prisoners of war
[Verse 4: Prince Poetry]
There is strength in my mental-bolism
Brains to spare upon info, knowledge, data
Greater aspects affects my future environment
So in the event I drop science to suit ya, uproot ya
Hunt ya down
Verbally attackin' from the ground up to intellectually shoot ya
Lurkin' through the shadows of darkness, shots fired
The spark hits the trees, releasin' lyrical ammo
While I camouflage in the flash of my stature
Mentally cease MCs that be surrounded, I capture
Enemy lines are crushed, bum-rushed
And plus your government officials are corrupted 'cause they're down with us
Poetical rebels on a rampage of wrecked dialects
Blown lyric projects
Heat is scopin' you through my infrared twenty-twenty scope lens
Steppin' upon base that's when the Organized Konfusion massacre begins with a blast
Never will an intruder approach 'cause they will never ever last
'Cause the task is total termination
Poetry and the Pharoahe starts as the revelation