Organized Konfusion
You Won’t Go Far
[Verse 1: Pharoahe Monch]
I figure the configurations on exactly
How many steps it'll take before I get to the passenger side of the car
Break through the glass, smash the window
Put your hands on the dash, bitch

I reveal Clyde, stick up your ride, give it up
Put it in park baby, don't let me spark that ass
Cry, you die, pout, no yelling or shouting or doubting my itch
No time for thinking, honey, make the switch
Move over, your end is near, fear me

[Pharoahe Monch]
I speaks clearly, I didn't stutter
I shudder to think the thoughts that would eventually
Shatter the hammer that tips the back of the rounds
And splatters the face in blood and stops the heart that pounds
Pain seems quite excruciating
When I think of how long I was legally waiting
Anticipating you to stop

Causing terror throughout the late night
Seeing the flashing of the brake light
Door's ajar on the car but she takes flight
As a vice with tight grip, my joints almost torn from my arm
I must warn
[Hook: All]
If you're worshipping Range Rovers (You won't go far!)
Yo rims go for dough, kid (You won't go far!)
Wherever you live, whoever you are
The system's a trap, Jackson (You won't go far!)

[Verse 2: Pharoahe Monch]
Once this black man's inside a sedan
I keep my hands fishing for the ignition to ignite
Before I kiss my .38 snub (Why!) Because I love to
Then I cut the steering wheel (How come?) To pull the club through

[Prince Poetry]
Now should I make an interstate escape
I cruise around to take time to make plans
A proper move is needed
Weeded but I don't lose focus, Jakes swarm like locusts
I'm hoping the pressure don't choke us

Daddy dearest he be nearest to me in his infectious Lexus
Splitting image and I'm highly respected
Game time disappear you always by my side
Few days later car reappear, mama's in fear
Ruler crime don't limit celebrity limelight
Funkadelic got jacked, them n***as caught 'em for spite
[Prince Poetry]
Struggle and fight, lost life, nor foresight nor light
Shed on that Bronx man's wife on the New Jersey turnpipe

(North, South, West to East), car jacks must cease
A kidnap took place, he accidentally grabbed my niece
In the backseat, facsimile was Emily
Jack a figure you provoke, fronting in Infinity
Identity of yours don't mean nothing
Double example get a clap me down and handcuffing

[Hook: All]
Now if you worshipping Legends, baby (You won't go far!)
Momos attract thiefs, Po (You won't go far!)
Wherever you live, whoever you are
The system's a trap, Jackson (You won't go far!)