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James Blake

"Are You Even Real?"

[Verse 1]
There's no five years
There's no ten years
Only this
Queen of, queen of, queen of queens
There's no knife
'Cause there's no tension
Only this
Lucid dream of dream of dreams

All I can do is trust in her
Late nights, I can see the lust in her
Acid rain is a first for her
Skies open up, share a cup with her

Cracking seals, guilty, no appeal
Trip down the hill, strawberry fields
Are you even real?
She said, "Tell me how you feel"
Are you even real?
Are you even real?

[Verse 2]
Well maybe I should study my reflection
Best to know
How I seem, I seem, I seem
I spend the day
Dreaming of connection
Just to feel
How you feel, you feel, you feel
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