Learning to know hell from the beginning lyrics


7 to 13 years ago
Your little sketchbook snuck it's way into your posession. so little. so carefree
When you were a selfish brat who never saw the world outside of the light load you carried

You left home 13 years later
Young, naive, and scared
Clinging to your materialistic desires
And look at you now;
Not so naive anymore
You've learned so much, but it's not so easy now
18 years later you've discovered so much happiness subjective
Not too many are as lucky as you
Life is pain but you know that now
You know relеntless pain
You know the endlеss rain
Everything is burning as you sing
Trying to save broken minds
Take them under your wing
Anything that you can do
To help the souls who felt like you
Sometimes words make do
When you don't stop asking who
Who will help me thru

You know hell

I spend every single day thinking about how it’s always someone’s last, and it’s never going to end, until it does, of course

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