Another day lyrics


Funny how u think this sh*t is okay
Ive been crying in my room and up for 3 f**kin days jus afraid to close my eyes and miss a whole f**king day i been stuck inside my head wishing i could jus relax and be okay
But my thoughts won't rest i think they've built a nest
And made themselves feel right at home inside my home but what's a home when i can't even find a place to be alone
And now ive built a wall
At least nine feet tall
And it's been blocking all these feelings i been tryna keep at bay
I wish that i could stay awake
A little longer but i guess we'll have to wait another day
U u said u didn't care
Well hows that even fair
Im glued right to my chair
And now i, i've got nowhere to run
And im so f**king done
With all this sh*t
I need to quit
It's really funny how it all fell into place
And just blew up into my face now ive been tryna find somewhere to f**kin stay
Im so tired im so wired off the sh*ts inside this pit
Broken hearted need catharsis jus to get some of this weight off of my shoulders tryna move a f**king boulder
Im like a savior in a tomb but there is no saving to do
Im no messiah but I got a f**king message for you

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