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The Cool Kids

"That'll Work"

[Verse 1: Chuck]
Yeah, I got a handle on that
With the ball I cross over, put your hands up on that
We in a Jeep, not a Rover got a problem with that?
Well you can walk
It ain't cold and you know, so what's up?
I'm Chuck home girl, Mike Jordan, Magic Johnson
I'm clutch home girl, you can put me in yo' wallet
I gotta tool set in the socket
Chill we can hang like the coat in the closet
Like a boat in the water, you can float
So you know that I know what you know quit walkin'
I mean keep it down if I'm parallel parking... shhhh
It's when I'm talkin. The Jeep's in park on the street it's jingling
Shakin' like a tambourine
She's up in Harlem. Like a sheet aerosol
I'm important. I told you
Got the party's nomination at the polls if you voting

[Chorus: Chuck]
Can I kick a lil something for the Gs
And ride around shinin' in my Jeep with
4 or 5 cuties in the seat?
Oh that'll work! (that'll work!)

[Chorus: Mikey]
Can we kick a lil something for the Gs
She say she wanna ride in the Jeep
We pull it out of park but
If she come along then we movin' along

[Verse 2: Mikey]
Hey yo I'm sidewalk walkin, baby, can the confusion
The true cruising, homey you limpin' you losing
Master Hump, baby, I pimp the protrusion
Still confused? Give you a simple solution: Move!
And we can hike of course
Long as you got the drawstring on ya biking shorts
You wanna dance then dance, don't fight the force
Olympic number 9 Jordan jersey baby light the torch
You need a light? Oh you like the sport?
And then we hit the courts
Original Air Force, reds with the Mike shorts
My tank top said flight so I took off
Right from the tip-off, 2-1 lift off
Shoot for three, and we dip off. Peace!
No more room in the Jeep
So I parked it back and put a rag on the seat
Now we bendin the corner, engine is revving
Her hands on my waist as we head to the lake
Throw a burger on the grill, if it's first then it works
I be murderin' sh*t, I need a hearse for the versin'
Person to person, mano y mano
I like you too, she said I need me a Bono
Cause you be sharp just like the keys of piano
She blowin my candles like Feliz c*mpleanos

[Chorus: Chuck]
[Chorus: Mikey]

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