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The Cool Kids

"The Light Company"

[Verse 1: Sir Michael Rocks]
I'm in the best shape of my life
Me rapping with these kids is like racing a bike
Against a man with one kick on, until the lights flick on
They kick us out the party then give me my car keys
We come in peace, we don't mean to cause you no harm cuz'
But I can go off like an alarm does
If it comes too that I trust with what you do that cause
I'm the new cat, digging in cans in the alleyway
f*ck Simon, you should do what Mikey say
And Mikey says about now you should be bobbing your head
About damn time to, took fools all god damn day to figure out that ill sh*t that we be into
Take a step into my mental peep what I be thinking about
People can deceive you if you leave them with your bank account
Wide open, keep your eyes open and your wallet in your front pocket
Lets smoke the blunt, still an option
Vanilla suede moccasins they mocking them, they rocking imitations
When the think they take the sh*t that I be laced in
The dalai lama like two types can never rhyme or like
Vintage North Face's on the faces of your papers

[Hook 2x: Chuck Inglish]
Put your hands up in the air and you (hold em up, hold em up)
Like you never cared n*gga (roll it up, roll it up, fold it up)
Fold it up, put it in your (pocket, your wallet)
Then bet a couple dollars that the party keeps rocking

2x Hold em up, hold em up
Roll it up, roll it up

[Verse 2: Chuck Inglish]
I'm bout 3 feet taller than some new deep water
Quarter, nickle, dime, that sh*t sits to the line
The illest has a list, you're not in it, theres the line
He is I and I am him, this my man Mikey
I'm real nice try me if you want to
I be walking bulldogs to the party in these new Flights
Telling sucka n*ggas what they can't do ,right now
Write down our game plan, I'm cutting lights out
Putting fliers out in this Chevrolet truck
Don't put them hands down unless you pick me something up
Hurry up call the barber up, get the sides faded up
The usual caesar, then the neck gets tapered up
Sharper than the paper cuts, paper up
Neighbor or sharper than that church suit, fathers day tailored
What the father say to the daughter who picked me?
"He's ridiculous but probably the best you've seen"

Hook 2x

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