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The Cool Kids

"As We Steeze"

I just wanna stay ballin' like Kevin Durant
Ted Dibiase flow, everything seen is Verdant
I just want my life to be evergreen
But everything ends up being just a stardust memory
Im one of a kind like RVD, whenever you see me don't forget to RSVP
Spittin' that sickness that'll make you go to CVS
When you talk to me, please don't mention TCS
I stay runnin' these cats like I'm TC(Top Cat)-esque
Yet I remain with the heart of an underdog
On the road of success trying to avoid these vengeful hogs
Some people full of sh*t like walking bogs

I'm kind of shy and bit introverted
But what do you expect when whole world is inverted?
Trying to make these conversions and try to make end's meet
But what happens if those ends are never truly reached?
Life is full of Twin Peaks
One day you're at the top, and the other day you could be beneath
f*ck YOLO
The motto is carpe' diem
So many snakes it feels like the reptile museum
So many shady people it gets diffuclt to see'em
Double R can spit it from the AM to the PM
And I never spit the same topics
Come afresh like I just arrived from the tropics
Come fresh like a bottle of Listerine
Everybody knows that life is all about living the perfect scene
Everybody knows that life is all about living the perfect dream
Ridin' in this car that goes by the name of Christine
Trying to perfect my raps and keep'em pristine
But everyone knows life is full of trial & error
Start a revolution, followed by a Reign of Terror
I'm like the Undertaker, you more like Paul Bearer

I stay fly, or get jettisoned
I'm a wizard in this game call me Thomas Edison
But I prefer if you refer to me as Nikola Tesla
Always working hard, but others try to take recognition
But still got the ignition in my motor
Try to make this song hot, but don't mean to smolder
Cause as I grow older, the more that I alter
As I grow older, seems the more that I falter

And I got to guess with those stupid hoes
You know Double R got that stupid flow
And love isn't all about cupids bows
But if you talking dimes then you call me Ricky Rubio

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