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Sun Kil Moon

Roadtrip to Sparks, Nevada
I walked into the bus station, there was a payphone in there
It didn't work, but it was nice to look at
Enclosed in vintage ash, nostalgia, nostalgia
Payphones saved my ass so many times when I was young
Saved me from getting mugged over at the corner of Turk and something
Rain was pouring and guys were closing in on me and my new year’s flame
I told her, "make a call fast, I got your back" and within a minute, up pulled a taxi

Well, the funny payphone memories from when I was younger and dumber
I once called my dad from a roadside payphone in Tennesee when I'd fallen in love
I told him, "Dad, I've fallen in love and I’m getting married."
He humored me and said, "How long have you known her?"
He was chuckling
He said, "Well mark, let me know when you've planned your wedding."
A few weeks later I wasn't with that girl no more
I could hear in my dad's voice on that payphone that I was a smitten, pu**y-whipped kid
I didn't know it then, but my dad did because he was my dad, old and wise, and he knew me better than anyone else did

From there, a short trip to Reno, Nevada
The bus station was closed but I was so happy to see people of color gathering
They were sitting on benches outside the bus station in downtown Reno
The sun was glaring on the cement, contrasting with the fall of Sierra snow
Cat mountain

I saw three payphones inside but the cops wouldn't let me in
I said, "Can I please use the payphone and get a sip of water from the water fountain?"
They said, "Hey you, move along."
And when I left I saw a nervous young man crying
A lost soul with nowhere to go, he'd just been dropped off at the bus station
People were advising him, telling him about small welcoming towns and making suggestions
The cops said, "Everybody beat it. Everybody get lost now. Move along."

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