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William McGirt
William McGirt
William McGirt
William McGirt

Caroline and I walked into town in back today
On the way I asked her how she’d feel about a road trip to Nevada City, it’d been years since I had been there
I thought I might provoke a negative reaction, she does all the driving and we’ve been taking a lot of trips to Walmart and places like that
But she was up for it
Being around the house on a spring day is nice, but it’s more or less been the same routine every day
Gardening, cooking, weeding, watching movies, which is wonderful
Especially to share the time with somebody that you lovе, but it’s nice to get away once in a whilе

After 28 years of touring, having the year of 2020 off has found me restless
I’m used to crossing the country a few times a year and crossing the ocean sometimes 3 or 4 times a year
I’ve made peace with this unexpected time off, I’m very much not alone
But I gotta admit, my breathing has been off since mid-March, I get a little bit panicky at night
Some people have said, “Put your music on Bandcamp, you’re gonna be okay.”
I know that I’ll be okay, but I feel like a shark that’s been swimming through the ocean for 28 years that’s been yanked out
Thrown onto the shore and told, “Don’t worry, you’ll be good, just flip around in the sand for a while
Then we’ll throw you back in the ocean in a couple years and you’ll be swimming around again, good as new.”

Some others said, “There’s a lot of streaming going on right now.”
Streaming. When I think of the word ‘streaming’, I think of exactly that, streams
Those thin-flowing, overlooked trails of water that dry up in the summer
Those things you see underneath footbridges, that you look down at for a second and see mosquitoes swarming
And maybe a few rusty beer cans laying next to some mossy rocks, a few minnows swimming around
You can tell your girlfriend is thinking, “Why are you looking at this stream?”, and then you keep walking

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