Elk Grove

Sun Kil Moon

I awoke and I arose
And said to you, “Let’s go see Rose”
Rose gives the best haircut in all of Elk Grove
And she’s as funny as any person I know

She says, “Who in the f**k in this world only knows how to do one job?
If you only know how to do one job in this world, you’re f**ked
Learn how to change a tire, learn how to draw blood.”
I said, “Rose, I got to tell you, that comment, it stings
For I only have one job, I play guitar and sing.”

She said, “Well that’s two jobs you can dingaling.”
I said, “Well, I’m also a songwriter.” She said
“There you go, that’s three.”
I said, “Yeah, but all of the theaters and churches and nightclubs are closed.”
She said, “What are you talking about? Evеrything’s closed
The dentist officеs are closed, and the places that sell clothes
Even the dry cleaners are closed, J. Coors is closed.”
I said, “So how are you staying in business, Rose?”
She said, “I’m creative, I know the in’s and out’s
And I’m in with the cops, you know.”

I said, “How do you suggest that I reopen, Rose?”
She said, “Keep playing and singing, and before you know it, you’ll be back on your toes
While the rest of the world is battling it out and shaming each other county to county
Stay in your lane, exercise your mind and grow.”
And in that moment, I awoke and I arose
I told her, “Thank you for the haircut, Rose.”

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