Morning Cherry lyrics

Sun Kil Moon

Looking out over the Carquinez Strait
At the only highrise building in Downtown Martinez
In-between that highrise and Port Costa and Crockett
There’s a long stretch of glorious mountains
Untouched by cement, untouched by man
The land is green, the land is brown
The view is sanguine, though the world’s been so down
It’s the beautiful California I’ve been dreaming about since I was a child

The trees are bunched together like broccoli stalks
Above them, dry patches, look like bright camel humps
The patches are dead weeds from thе late-spring heat
That’s what the mountains look likе today

And boats are sailing out along the white waves and the silver water
Fishing boats and sailboats and all kinds of barges
My favorite barge is enormous, the cover are white and navy
The name of the barge is Morning Cherry
Hovering the water are seagulls, and inland, there’s the vultures
The sky is blue, the air is mild
The cats are in by night, the coyotes run wild
This is the beautiful California I dreamed of as a child

Pacific, the hills, the lemon orange trees
Lately I’m feeling reticent, quiet, meditative and melancholy
Lately I’m feeling taciturn and uncommunicative
I’ve been spending time in bed laying still and listening to the wind
Listening to the train, the smell of the eucalyptus trees
Coming through my open windows and from my balcony
When I go walking I feel so frowzy
Oh my middle-aged, I feel it kicking in strongly
I feel aches in by bones and my posture has been lousy
By mid-afternoon, I’m always drowsy

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