Hugo lyrics

Sun Kil Moon

You woke up and said, “What do you think about going to an old Chinese town called Isleton?
It’s out in the delta.”
And I stretched and I smiled and said, “That sounds fun.”

We crossed the George Miller Bridge and I saw so many little islands on your dashboard GPS
River Island, Chipps Island, Winter Island, Ryer Island, Roe Island

Moving along Highway 4 East was such an enchanting sight
Marshlands, tall weeds, cranes, so, Louisiana life

After a while we came upon the Delta Farmer’s Market and we parked
I sat on a bench and watched a man playing and singing with all his heart
While Caroline gathered strawbеrries, cherries, and tangеrines

When she was done shopping, I said, “Let’s listen to this guy finish this beautiful song he’s singing.”
And when he finished, The Youngbloods’ Get Together, he explained that the song was timeless
And that it made so much political sense every 10 years or less

We arrived in Isleton, parked along Main Street, and we walked up and down
And saw a lot of old Chinese signage, most of the stores were closed, it was practically a ghost town
We browsed an antique shop, I asked a woman there about the town’s history
She said it’s an old Chinese town, that pickers used to live there and that it was flooded in the 1970s
And that it went belly-up when the real estate market crashed
And I said, “Well what goes on in this town?”
She said, “Not a lot.”
She said, “There are two places in this town that do well selling pot
And other things that go with pot and whatnot.”

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