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"Beautifully Ugly"

Life Is Short The Future Isn’t Guaranteed
It’s a bit twisted and socially unusual
To see that you could scar up something that’s so beautiful
Exploited the resource globally inexcusable
I Soul snatch you out the suit put you in something suitable
An orange jumper The metaphor the Coldest summer
Comes to mind while they cruise the city in them roaring hummers
Du-ality, protection causes the casualties
Money for the city is put towards the brutality
Wait a minute the earth is for us and you contained us in it
Have you seen the universe with an untainted vision
Nature can fully recode the whole matrix
Became a great risk just for day trips while they lay bricks
That’s how they play tricks
Nothing is guaranteed
A spark burn memories the past is dowsed in kerosene
Riots in the streets no justice no peace
On the count of three boy say f**k the police

Such a beautiful place
But an ugly world
We do whatever it takes mayne
Respect is earned
Blurred lines the good the bad and the ugly
A bird needs to fly remove the cord and unplug me
Such a beautiful place
But a lonely world
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