Combos lyrics


Buck buck buck buck booyakasha!
Buck buck buck buck booyakasha!
I can break it down like whatever you want
I can break it down, I-I can break it down

[Verse 1: Ben Buck]
Yo, yo, yo
I'm rappin' circles 'round your whole team or possy
Bumpin' like Dibiase, always been scheming properly
Droppin' bomb beats but now I'm throwin' down the gauntlet
If it was '99 I'd probably been signed onto Rawkus
Never tried to be up in your top 10 convo
I'm just tryna mash out these [rock?] kick combos
Your content awful, comin' straight from out the jawbone
sh*t is poppin' up like the downtown condos, yo
Gather to the [?], knockin' them out by [?]
Drivin' state to state with my merch, I've got a Carlo
Throw it in the trunk, makes a other special cargo
Such a tragedy, losin' your lung capacity
Overthrown the norms and thе laws and your majesties
And the dynastiеs, gimme a second just to find the beat
Hittin' the mark, soundin' magnifique, ya

[Verse 2: Jarv]
I stand alone [in a pair of?] [?]
Them terrible foes, plant [?] glancin' at my [?] poems
It's the [vanity chose?], brandishing cloaks, damaging souls
And the scandalous hoes, a man with his hope's broken
Manifestos won't help you cope with the loss of [?]
When I get tired, [it's tryin' reason which reason as liars?]
Keepin' the riots fire, [?]
Sinister senators sell it to hell with cerebral syllables
Some your syllabus, I'ma burn it and laugh
How the f**k you gonna return after I sternly attack
I'm hurtin' your pack, strapped with some murderous raps
Massacre [?]
And if they say you ain't wack, that's an alternative fact
So get the f**k back, 'cause I'ma rev it up and bust it
Trust in the process, your nonsense is nothin'
We ain't gettin' caught up in the raking of the muck
It's the dawn of the info you [?] folks is done with
[Verse 3: A-F-R-O]
Tranquility beyond a rap ability
Man you're killin' me, capable of invisibility
Never drillin' me, fillin' up me pen with agility
Any facility feel they wanna F' with my artillery
Offin' any enemy, often steadily, off with his head
My theme song, [?] melody
Summon a heavenly song, [?]


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