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"Pimplikeness (duplicate)"

She a freak and I love the way she move to the beat
Ass and titties bouncing, she ain't moving her feet
Put 20 in her bra, stiff di*k had many in her jaw
Probably hit plenty in the raw (nasty b*tch)
I wanna see this b*tch naked on my living room floor
And yo b*tch, I ain't giving up no dough, for sure
You can be my best friend but Em might get mad
Don't call me Daddy b*tch, I f*ck better than your dad
Let me get up in that ass like I'm riding horseback
f*ck a sponge, I need a tool to clean my ball sack
I pop my collar, don't pop your bra strap
If you hang up the phone then b*tch don't call back
18's on ice, you ain't seen that before
Acting like you ain't seen my bling through the do' (bling)
I move to a ho, just for one reason
Cause b*tches need 9-1-1 for no reason

[Hook: Proof (Eminem)]
(I'm something like a pimp)
A diamond trick, but you ain't seeing no chips, young ho
(I said I'm something like a pimp)
Can't go on trips, so you could suck my di*k, yes b*tch
(I'm something like a pimp)
You could swallow or spit, and make me rich, oh girl
(I'm something like a pimp)
Get that money with your switch, I walk with a limp, big P
(Said I'm something like a pimp)

I never treat them like they wanna be treated, b*tch beat it
Your purpose'll be defeated if you think that you're needed
Now what do you tell a chick who has two black eyes?
You ain't gotta tell her nothing, you just told her twice
And I don't wanna put my hands on you, I got a plan for you
Get with my mans, he gon' lay a couple grand on ya
So fresh and so clean, she know the routine
It's such a, wonderful thing, money flow like ravines
They say "Kuniva, get a clothing line", but I'mma chill
Cause when cotton ain't selling pus*y always will
And these women they be knowing the deal
That's why these n*ggas be blowing a mill just to keep a ho in they grill
And I ain't never been a pimp, I'm something like one though
I f*ck them and leave them, you always love or like that ho
Cashing them out, they never get a hold of my chains
They only get that swollen up thing, I'm showing them game

You was a sucker when you met her, she dogged you cause you let her
See I tell a b*tch quick: if you knew better, you'd do better (b*tch)
They realizing I ain't having that sh*t
Don't be surprised, I'm hypnotizing every tramp that she with
I send them out like Vanity 6 and I mean that
I'm dogging they ass, I'm in jogging pants and a V-neck (hah!)
I put my foot up in her ass so fast
That she'll forget how to spell "cash," she hoeing with a cast on
And I'm knowing just what happened that day
He didn't pay cause you let him take you to a matinee (I saw you)
You get slapped that way, you can't dodge the drama
I'm pimping aunts and mamas, I collect from massage parlors (want my change)
Menage-a-trois is really second nature
I have 88 b*tches straight taking it to the face, and uh
I can give a f*ck about a relation
Either open your legs, or get the play, stupid b*tch


Well I'm not a pimp or a player, see I'm more like the mayor
Grab a b*tch up by her hair like I just don't care
And swing her in the air (AHH!) I'm talking major ass kick
Toss a b*tch out the house like Kwame Kirkpatrick
I'm a PIMP, so I give a f*ck about a b*tch
But I don't make them trick, I'm RICH (whoo!)
I don't need the chips, they don't walk the strip
But I could spit some game and I could talk some sh*t
I'm something like a pimp, similar to a mack
I ain't making the news, I make my baby mama pick up the slack
Drop Cadillac, truck, f*ck, I gotta go
That's my bottom ho paging me back, I'm a pimp!

It's 7 o'clock, b*tch you ain't got my money?
I'mma beat your ass {*girl giggles*} you think it's funny?
b*tch, get on the block in some dirty tube socks
And get shot by a cop in some Reeboks (yeah!)
b*tch, I'm the man, you know I'm the man
Keep sucking di*k, till you get a hundred grand
b*tch, you insane if you think I'm your mayn
Here's 2 G's, go f*ck LeBron James


[Outro: Proof]
Hah, been getting this money off these b*tches
Heard me? That's what I do, you know me
Check me out anywhere, anybody tell you about Proof
Got that, a.k.a. The Young Legend
The Human Fly, you know what I'm saying?
Ayo, I got b*tches in Michigan on Michigan
Your b*tch is on Woodward n*gga, next to them faggot ass n*ggas
I got bad b*tches cause you gon', you think it's a cop
Yeah, that ain't cop that's my b*tches
I got the top notch b*tches, you know what I'm saying?
I'm more than a pimp: I'm something like a pimp
Cause I'm a Thundercat at the same time, Wonder Rat, baby
Big pimping, you heard me? P.I.M.P
Proof Is My Poppa, let's keep it going
Proof Is My Poppa: P.I.M.P
Y'knowmsayin let's go, come on y'all let's go

[Traci Nelson]
Ooh, hey... Ooh, hey... Ooh, hey..
Ooh, hey... Ooh, hey

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