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"My Life"

[Verse 1]
This is my life yo and what really happened
Sherallene's Holton loved McKinley Jackson
They got to touching and f*cking, busting nuts and
No husband, nine months later, tend to seven-something
Ghetto youngin, Pops in LA, him and moms parted ways
He start producing Jones Girls and Marvin Gaye
Moms was running numbers, rollin' in the Nova
Living with Zara and Joya, PA and Stopa
Pop sent the loot, but mom had better plans
To see her boy become a man
Give me a better chance than my ghetto friends
I learned real young to obey my feelings
Went to school with rich kids, came home to play with killers
My days grew iller, moms got me a step-pops
One big fam, shihh I guess not
My chest hot, him and moms is sniffing
My grandma tried to tell her watch out he's different

This is my life, my strip, my past, my trifles

[Verse 2]
Beefin' with step pappy moved to Harper and Burns
Peter loved gangstas, pointing TECs at me
Moms saying to do this, my pops is so cool that it's not
Yellin' at Damien, 'cause ain't no food in the spot (I'm hungry!)
They wanna sell rocks, Luke get murdered on the block
Fifteen with a son, where's the gun, what's the plot?
Let me turn to blackout, Big says to watch out
Immediately beated me 'til we run like DMC
This sh*t is mean from Proof to Harry
To runnin' up on fools with my n*gga for goofy Gary
His big James inflamed cause things out the country
First time I got shot at with brother Fat and Mr. Munchie
Retaliation I shot him Corvail's house
With Randy and Wesley, two severely spit two shells out
Exchange shot, Dre deuced then Meetha came up
Quit sleepin' n*gga, the streets done changed up

This is my life, my strip, my past
It's my trifles, my times, this is our world
My fam, my friends in our city
My rights, my sin, it's my story
This is my life, my strip, my beefs
This is my glory, this is my streets, this is our world
My fam and my friends in all city
My rights, my sin, it's my life

[Verse 3]
Ayy yo I never was a tough guy, plus I handle mine
Wanna be stand alarmed, wish I could turn back the hands of time
With Cleveland you heard everyday in the trenches
Obie gave me my daughter and Tay gave me stitches
I got away with b*tches, wifey's gay now
And me and Stuckey been dogs and fam since yea high
Trick Trick is stressed, G-Mike's a snitch
I miss Eye-Kyu and Double D he ain't sh*t
And if my label, I'ma feed my n*ggas
This game ain't no'ting I'ma leave my killers
I seen La Peace, he all smiles
Lowkey he's lowkey, he know me I'm low down
Collectively raw, what you checkin' me for?
Got a TEC in my draws, put your neck on the floor
A lesson to grow, y'all sh*t as best as you know
I'll punchin' out in a minute, 'bout to exit the show
This is my life

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