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(Yondo Music)

Apologies, I know, I'm not producing my own sh*t
But look, the time I had is over now and it wasn't quite well-spent
You see I know you know that I've been told time and time again
That depression isn't cured, it will stay until the end
I didn't learn then and I still don't know now
Why my mind is leading off to places that cannot be found
It's like a voice is sending me to pick up a certain call
That will make me leave forever and I won't return at all
Well I'm off to start a story
Filled with bravery and heart
Yes my life is surely boring
And I'm ripping it apart
It is useless, oh the pain
No, I cannot numb the pain
But I will not die in vain
Or so I've told myself today
What did I make you say
That made you think of me
As a drooling crying bear
With sunken eyes and yellow teeth
I'm a beast, where is my beauty
Turning grim like RWBY
I just need me a cutie
To come show me what's my duty
Feeling woozy, tasting fruity
But this ain't a Sprite Cran
Pour up in a Sprite Can
I'm a Jackass like Bam
BB$ one and done, think I won, here I come
Got a gun, pick it up, lay it down, say wassup
My house is full of pain and my room is full of dust
I can't see my blood, but I'll kill for my lust
My knife full of rust, massacre this whole bus
Take this 30 out and bust, my only feeling is disgust
Get the f*ck out of my head but keep it in mind
I'm more two-faced then Harvey Dent online
You're all I see when I step outside
And why stick around, all I do is tell lies
We don't see eye to eye
I don't wanna say goodbye
If my feelings keep on killing
I won't be worldwide
On this Astro ride
Not in Astroworld
But if I can't go high
Then I'll stay down low
Need a raven to my crow, can you show me where to go
I'm afraid I won't be Kendrick and I'll turn out Lil Boat
Maybe that's not bad, but look at where I am
God took a look at me "Sheesh! God damn!"
A stupid obese kid with no talent and no wrists
My whole life I been lying put me on that naughty list
I know I push my friends away, I'm staying distant
But why keep on talking when nobody listens

(FLOWER BOY - a conversation)
(Yondo Music)

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