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Kristen Bell

"Show Up"

Okay, when I walked in
I was like, "Wait, what?
Who's she? Who's she?
And did she eat my cashews?"
I looked around and saw you ate much more than cashews
So now I'm preaching at you

Eh but I, I get it
I booked this room which was excessive
I thought I'd play some kind of super-sleuth detective
And I'm not sure if it has even been effective
But from my perspective

Ay, we gotta show up
Ladies, gotta show up
The only way they'll see the truest you is if you show up
So we're taking chances
We're getting answers
We gotta roll up
And show 'em how we show up, ay

Mom's right, she's right, I could've been at home now
I'm not, I'm in this fancy robe now
And take a whiff of me 'cause this is how I smell now
I live in this hotel now
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