Psycho Realm

"Confessions of a Drug Addict"

[Intro: The Doors]
I'm in pain, man
I feel the universe functioning perfectly
But I'm still perfectly locked inside myself
Instead of oneness and I feel isolation

[Hook: Big Duke]
What type of drugs do you do?
And what do you do to get your hands on your sh*t mothaf**ka, huh!?

What kind of dirty tricks you do to get yourself fixed?
You're all sick; is it lack of love? or lack of your withdrawal?
Drugs!, I need feminine venoms in the system
In order to function in the rhythm

[Verse 1: Big Duke]
You get hooked to the look of wild women
And wanna live in the land of the unforgiven
Habits turn bad once individuals make 'em poison rituals
Gotta have it to have it, a habit
Welcome your choices of an addict

[Verse 2: B-Real]
God forgive me for my bad habits
Drug addict, needle up in my vein, I got to have it
To kill the pain, you silly rabbit

Dig a hole under the sun to hide from the static
Automatic pressure got to kill it
Give some act-right juice so I could feel it
Ah, everything is all right
The eye of the needle cries out to the dark side
Lookin' inside through the outdoor, knockin'

But society won't let me in so I grab my stockin'
Put over my head and get the dough

Cause the needle is my God and Smack is my soul
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