Psycho Realm

"Lost Cities"

[Intro: Revelation 6:8]
And I looked and behold a pale horse
And his name, that sat upon him, was Death
And Hell followed with him
And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the Earth
To kill with sword, and with hunger, and with the Beast of the Earth

[Verse 1: Big Duke]
I told the tower of power we can work together
But I guess they rather see wars and scars better
Street veterans holdin' enemy bandera
And then we're caught up in the web of the guerra
We all fight and fight and lose lives
At the end everyone dies!
We're all cursed like that by the maker
No muthaf**ka shall be a life taker
We cross the firing line, sickos on both sides
Terror strikes under streetlights
And we grow more out of control and psycho

[Verse 2: Sick Jacken]
My realm is downtown, Rampart District, Pico Union
We shatter illusions with weapons we're using
Or sets we're choosing
No Rolls, we roll old-mobile
More real than majority, we're docile but still
Other sides get more peeled, hit by street teams
Big paybacks and police beatings
I can't replace my home with peaceful silence
But my roots are planted in this city of violence
We call it Lost City, where angels roam, commiting unknown
Ghetto prone, guarding the zone
From all damage but can only manage to handle, partial scandal
What's your angle? Crook or vandal? Or killer
Plot filler, drug dealer, we all co-exist in this thriller
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