Psycho Realm

"Temporary Insanity"

[Verse 1: B-Real]
You better dig deep and find your soul
Cause you're lost
You need guidance of which way to go
People are despicable, unpredictable spirits
Calling out so all you weak minded hear it
To take control over your mind and body
Hip-Hop is more than just a flow in a party
Strike down the ungodly, unoriginal hypocrites
Let 'em burn at the stake like chicken strips
Fried, cut up, denied respect
Some have lost their lives and died through their neglect
May they all rest in peace where they lay
Where we continue to struggle and live our lives day
To day

[Hook: B-Real]
What do you see when you're looking into the eyes of a madman
On the verge of insanity?
Looking out the window I see the animals in the darkness
The fearless, the scandalous, the heartless

[Verse 2: Sick Jacken]
Roam bare chests, woman with bare breasts
Hollow, follow the Sun God, Apollo, wake up tomorrow
With yellow eyes, seeing visions of explicit visits
To the other side with precision
Temporarily losing my head, steadily
Falling heavily on my shoulders
Getting me on my achilles heel
I feel like somebody pulled the plug from my brain
Signals indicate I'm on my way
Open the gates, to insane, Psycho Babble
Constant battle with myself
Pop the top on the pain killers on the top shelf
I need help to maintain my mental health
But overall, I do what it takes
To get my shoe in the door living with the score
Suffering from functioned war
From two characters behaving like bad actors
Not sticking to their roles causing more drama after
The show is over, I feel like a soldier
Caught between two brigades
Which one am I going to aid?
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