Psycho Realm


[Spanish Intro: Big Duke]
Para toda la gente!
Lo que va pasar aquí
Son recursos del nuevo mundo
Todo se tiene que arreglar aquí
Porque aquí nadie manda!

[Verse 1: B-Real]
I got mad visions, pictures and premonitions
Of war drums and suicide missions
Prosecution, execution, revolution, mass confusion
All over, ready for war, I'm a soldier
Nightmares of crosshairs, concentration camps
And electric chairs marking you with the stamp
Prepare yourself
Am I paranoid?
Why in my dreams, have I seen the whole world destroyed?
Civilization raped, ain't no escape
Situations escalate in the date of 2001 Revelation
Or is it just my imagination?
Invasion dreams reoccurin'
I can't explain it but it's the same one everyday

[Interlude: Big Duke]
¿Ustedes quieren seguir viviendo en esta pesadilla?
Que las autoridades nos quiten todos los derechos
Y las posesiones

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