Psycho Realm

"The Enemy Strikes Back"

[Verse 1: Sick Duke]
The streets are packed with scenes of flash and guns clash
The enemy strikes our camp the f**k back
React like man of action
Bringing them a counter attack in sick fashion
End of the road, my friend
Look alive and you'll be one of the soldiers we'll send
In, to the war were fighting
With the laws kingpins and we run till we win

[Verse 2: Sick Jacken]
Rebel bases are scattered, split
And command posts hidden
Within city limits
We live in the dark sitting, hiding
Fighting military titan
Poseidon strikes from subs with powerful missiles direct firing
Stealth birds flying above looking for us
Carrying scuds while the fuzz are patroling the street for thugs
We're under the rug
Underground shoved but love
The fact we're dodging bombs and slugs
We save blood

[Verse 3: Sick Duke]
We come crazily, metal rains fatally
And attacks all of the uniformed infantry
Readily act out our war plan steadily
Deadly actions flood the concrete
Street teams repeat the steps we need
Or defeat is the destiny we see
Don't sleep we run a tight fleet
And smash all the inner leaks and weak links
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