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"Pimpin’ Pennsylvania"

Afromans pimpin Pennsylvania
If you don't know how to suck, I'll train ya
Flyin down the 76 like a 76er
Between the turn table keep the Colt 45 in the mixer.)

Chillin With My girl in Pittsburgh
f*ckin her tits whiles I hit the herb
f*cking her friend in State College
No degree, just ghetto knowledge
She's from Penn State
I'm from the State penn

I'm afro mutherf*ckin M A N
Getting licked by a girl in Lancaster
Leavin her face a complete disaster
Pots Town, Weeds Ville
Pennsylvania getin high for real
Betty with the Gettysburg Address
I raised her dress and left a mess
This girl from Altoona
I opened her legs, it was all tuna
I met this girl from Clearfield
When the coast was clear, I f*cked her in the field

(Repeat Chorus:)
Just up in the city of brotherly love
What a bunch of Faggots
I'm just playin damn
You know I like Randall Cunningham
Dr. J, Charles Barkley
Iverson, I ain't done
The Fresh Prince, Jazzy Jeff
Schooly D, smokin blunts to death

So Dr. J, f*ck that J
Roll me a Philly for the city of Philly
We used to be boys but we turned them in with the munchies
Eatin Philly Cheese steak again

Who's that smoking by the liberty Bell?
It's Afroman from East Palmdale
Signing the declaration of independence from our dependence

(Repeat Chorus:)
Lauren, from the city of Warren told me I was boring
I pimp slapped Lauren now I got Lauren out there whoren
Met this girl form Grove City, as I drove, she flashed her titties
I dropped her off in Clarion, Slapped her on her ass, said carry on

Took my hoes to Johnstown, they jumped out the car, sucked the Johns down
f*cked this girl, form Kittaning, while she was in the backyard tanning
Met this girl form Chevy Chase Heights, my di*k takes frequent flights in her pus*y and around the globe
Back to Latrobe, f*ckin in a Ford Probe

(Repeat Chorus:)
Winter time, feeling leery, van broke down right by Lake Erie
Met a little girl in Mill Creek, put my cold hand on her warm butt cheek
Got a motel up 79, turned on the heat and everything was fine
My van got (indc) in Corry
While I f*cked the receptionist Laurie

Did a show that night in Titusville
Afro is the tightest and that's for real
I know why the call it Oil City
All the women like oil on their tittys

I met a new girl in New Castle
Nothin feels better than a brand new as*h*le
Virgin girl, from St. Marry
Afroman poppin that cherry
Summer, from Somerset
In the wintertime she's still wet
I met a rich lady in Buter
I said, I'm Afroman, your new butler

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