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"Letter K"

Lost in a dream
Afraid in a nightmare
Nothing what it seems
How do I fight fear
Cause fear don't fight fair
And of death I get quite scared
Living to die guess I'll lie here
Head on the pillow
Slaves hang by the willow
Feet swing by the wind tho
Eyes peeking from the window
Fast forward dead by the pistol
Projects board n I talking bout Bristol
Speaking for my kinfolk
We living so sinful
Just to cop a benzo
Got me going mental
Got me thinking bout the end yo
Slaves they won't let go
Till I'm free I won't settle
Till I'm free I won't rest yo
It's like we lost in the dream
Won't recognize the nightmare
Sleeping next to death
But not quite there
Left foot no right pair
Two eyes no sight there
Two ears so you might hear
Two wings can't fly buzz light year
My type rare
Living life like 5 dares
Stand tall don't like chairs
My share
Give it all so you might bare
Fruits like a tree here's my pear

Work like a Slave
You won't die as a king
You work all ya days
But can't save anything
They sold you a dream
But you bought a nightmare
You see you Working 9-5
And you stayed right there
Power of the mind
Equipped with a grind
Funded by some dollaz
You never know with time
Humble gotta wait in line For the shine
Gotta get mine It's a sign
Tryna get by wonder why
All my Negroes dying for a dime
Fined 10 years that's a dime
Prison got you trapped in ya prime
Prison got no gats wheres yo nine
Thinking you was bad now you crying
Wasn't built like that you was lying
You Laid down in a Dream
And Woke up in dis nightmare
Doing 25 too life
Karma put you right there
Growing old with a white beard
Moving slow growing white hair
Spent a couple nights like why here
Battle of the mind how you fight fear
Got lost chasing dreams
But caught a nightmare
Living to die
Ill guess you'll die there

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