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Sad Frosty

"Back to the Sandbox"

I completely forgot about Mr. b*tchass Sad Frosty

These rappers can't f*ck with me
Swear to God all of these PMs look up to me
I couldn't put you on if it was up to me
Askin' for handouts but used to not f*ck with me
My gang always with it, still movin' in stealth
Can't f*ck with these b*tches no good for my health
How I'm supposed to love you workin' on myself
Now I'm at the top you boys still on the shelf
That b*tch-that b*tch she basic
All of my lines so I know she wan' taste it
I'm beatin' the Matrix
b*tches know others don't try to replace it
[?] be flexin' [?]
I made the right move on that ho now I'm gone

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