[Intro: Lil Jon]
Ladies and gentleman (what?)
I'd like to welcome you (welcome where?)
To the life and times of Trillville (Trillville)
I be your guide on this lil' journey
It's your boy Lil Jon checkin' in (Yeah yeah)
And first-off I let my n***a Dirrty Mouth holla at you

[Verse 1: Dirty Mouth]
We can take it to the street n***a if you got beef
'Cause ain't home with it I'mma knock out your teeth
Wear your fake-ass n***as keepin' talkin' shit
I'm in your damn house with your girl on my dick
I'm the realest motherfucker when it comes to makin' hits
So shut the fuck up before I bust you in the lip
The street life's on for the best to go home
Is damn you late for a as I shine on the chrome
Aiming at your dome, buck-shots rain
I'm deep off in the game, when a n***a bout to explain
N***a fuck the fame, all I want is the dough
My name ain't Dough Bussa so don't be try me like a hoe
I'm not your average dough that Im at your seat everyday
I rob just a deal just to get my ass paid
I shine like a brave on a old school
A n***a act a fool if a n***a break the rule, fo real
[Interlude: Lil Jon]
Dirrty Mouth spittin at you bitches and n***as (uh huh)
Specially tellin you fake-ass n***a out there (fuck y'all)
You know real recognize real (yeah)
And fake n***as always wanna hate and shit (yeah)
You hattin n***as we gon' find yall
We gon' sip you out (yeah, hah)
Holla at them Don P

[Verse 2: Don P]
I know for a fact you ain't ready for the street
You suckas rain n***a on this country
You fall to the ground disrespect to my feet
You sound raw n***a go home you can't compete
They try'na be me, they watch TV
They try to imitate and thats what make 'em fake
'Cause the hood ain't actin', n***as start relaxin'
Thinkin' they can live in this world without packin'
Somethin' Janet Jackson, n***a still lovin'
And how we broke it down like a motherfuckin' cratchin'
Too transaction and won't nobody assin'
Until you raise your mouth like a motherfuckin' faggot
It ain't no burriations, n***as still hatin'
But I guess I hate too 'cause I hate the music they creatin'
Hoes that they savin', plans that they makin'
Whoever else like so I hate they fan bases (yeah)
[Interlude: Lil Jon]
Yall ain't neva see a n***a like me
I've been all around the motherfuckin' world (all over the place n***a)
All over this bitch
You know hatin' n***as everywhere you motherfuckin' go
Disrespect n***as everywhere you motherfuckin' go
But you know what?
All them hatin' n***as, they makes real n***as that much more strong (yeah, yeah)
Tell 'em LA

[Verse 3: Lil LA]
Look you ain't ready for the streets
And you claim to be hard, but you weak
A bad bitch and you swear that beat
The only thang you probably touch was a feet
You bitchin' me now, picture me I'm serving
Get your ass somethin' boy, it ain't workin
You dont want a Trill n***a you closing curtains
You need to take your ass home and neva [?]
Give me the bitch hard like a dick
Ready to fuck, we ain't takin shit
We gon' bust your knuts
But still some n***as do it for a mill
If times get hard then you gain up your grill
Fo real, the hood, man where a n***a live
And I ain't trippin, 'cause that where I had the deal
Shit, and made a young n***a even stronger
I guess thats the reason why a n***a stay ballin'
(Hey, hey)
[Outro: Lil Jon]
Yo, ain't no n***a that's gonna stop my muthafuckin paper (never that)
None n***a, youknawmean? (yeah)
I'm out here on my hustle everyday (yeah)
N***a I ain't sellin' dope
But I'm sellin' this beats and shit
Rhymes and all this bullshit (yeah)
I'm sellin' this Crunk Energy drink (yeah)
Yo, I'm sellin all kinds of shit
N***a Im CDs, DVDs, n***a
Whatever you need (uhh)
My n***as Trillville, they always gonna keep it motherfuckin' real
BME, BME, BME click (yeah, yeah!!)
We up out this bitch
Real stay real and fake always stay fake
Never motherfuckin' hate