[Intro: Don P & Lil Jon]
Aww, BME Click!
Ayyee! Trillville: Reloaded, n***a
They won't let ut back in this bitch
N***a been talking shit since a n***a been trilling and shit (BME Click!)
A n***a been gone, but we back (yee!)
N***a don't think a n***a soaked because he smiling in the cut video n***a (Heyyy, okay!)
We got a song for you
Dirty Mouth, Don P, Lil Atlanta

[Verse 1: Don P]
These n***as starting to get slick at the Mouth and Atlanta
Ain't your english teacher but you better watch your grammar
You got a problem with what I say? Or what I do?
Adress me, don't [?] in your interviews
N***as chitchat when they with their click and they on their phone
But when you see them they start whisper like they yingyangs on
Man these n***as need to stop
They order beef but they like [?]
Trillville: Reloaded!

[Verse 2: Lil Atlanta]
Reloaded, sixteen in the club ready to pop
Trillville that's three n***as, on top
Back again, and this time we too hot
We coming for you, better watch your spot
Another level that you couldn't jump on
House hold, now it ain't no cuss' on the cut song
Now it's on any city any state
And best believe we gonna represent for the A
[Verse 3: Dirty Mouth]
See, you gonna make a n***a fuck you up
And go straight to the trunk
And pull out the kal'iko and bust n***a bust on
Trust nobody but my own damn click
So you better stop talkin-talkin-talkin that shit
Trillville once again, we reloading on your bitch ass
Was some fire shit that's gonna leave you with a wiplash
Now when it's all said and done let's get to the first song
Because we on the top of the chart sitting on the throne
Trillville: Reloaded, n***a!

[Outro: Don P]
Fuck y'all hoes