Get Some Crunk In Yo System
Get some crunk in yo system! {​*repeat 8X*}​
(Rapper talking in background)

[Verse 1]
I can feel it
These haters don't like me
They see me at a show
Them n***as get excited
Cuz they think they finna get me
But n***a I'mma riot
Found myself a riot
So n***a don't try it
Guns I collect 'em
Guns fo' protection
Guns fo' dat n***a dat tried me and learned a lesson
And ain't no second guessin
I'm good wit my weapon
I ain't never been a lame in da game I'm respectin
I'm looking fo' trouble
My own label just found out that I'm a monsta
But its too late cuz I signed for a hundred
It's something
Ain't nothing
I'm roofless
Still producing
Cut me a tape and you'll buy yoself two
N***as say I'm trill
They ain't hard I can prove it
Get some crunk in yo system! {​*repeat 16X*}​
(P. Troy talking in background)

[Verse 2]
I'm sippin on da crunk juice
Hennessey to get me loose
N***as getting buck and sh*t
Drinkin all da grey goose
Throwin signs up in da air
Representin from wher I came
Its da same sh*t in da club n***as fightin mane
Throwin bows and breakin chairs
N***as pullin hoes hair
Runnin threw the club wit dey click cuz they don't care
Screamin out whateva side
All my n***as down to ride
If you think I'm lyin then you pu**y n***as bet not try
I'mma let you know
I ain't never been a scarry ho
I'mma let you know that I never been a scarry ho
Bustin n***as brains over f**kin wit my game ho
Then leave yo a** jane'd doe
In da middle of ya yard
I'mma pull yo car fo' actin hard
Down on boulevard N***a!!
Get some crunk in yo system! {​*repeat 16X*}​
(P. Troy talking in background)

[Verse 3]
Guess who they called up
Out of the wood works
Take off my f**kin shirt
I'm reppin to da dirt
I'm reppin to da grave
I'm reppin for da 'A'
I'm ridin twenty-one
On my impala son
I'm smoking big dro
I'm wit da red ho
Her cousin got da blow
We kicked dat n***a do'
Off da hinges
I'm relentess
I represent this
Can I get a witness (Amen!)
Amen I work hard for da south
These n***as playin hard with they thumb in they mouth
The house the car
The b*t*hes bustin out they bras
Just so they can show they t**ties to a star
Baby my door ajar
The pa**enger too
I'm ready to ride
So what's up boo
(Yeah) Keepin it real (real)
Keepin it trill (trill)
Reppin da ville (ville)
I show will
Get some crunk in you system! {​*repeat 16X*}​
(P. Troy talking in background)